Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday was really fun. Watched Madagascar 3 - Europe's most wanted in the cinemas with Kay, Jack and Tom and Mum. IN 3D!! I love 3D. People make the funniest comments about it like: "Mummy, I wish the world was 3D..." Awks for her, cause the world IS ALREADY in 3D. 

Anyway, I can safely declare that this movie is the best disjointed movie I have ever seen. I'm still trying to work out if that is a compliment or an insult to the creation of this film but, I don't care. The graphics are great, the 3D affects fit in really well, the singing is hilarious, the characters are BACK. 

I thought the movie was so darn cool.

And so was lunch. Lunch was so darn yummy. Onigiri and KFC. Good times.

And CAPS. 
OMG. I am so scared of those scary pink pictures and those creepy time limits. 

That is all


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