So Long, Farewell!

Today we said bye, bye to the year 12's. I already miss them already. Like Joy's dancing, Ekman's crosswords, Charmander's drills, Lisa Marie Long's Singing.... LIA!

Vivian got the hug of her life from Andy Kong...cute. She died in her pants :D And the YR 12's re-enacted a dodge part Heaps of us cried our eyes out, Charmian was running on sugar and I just realised how close I am from graduating. Scary right?

That aside; today was so emotionally draining. I really need sleep. SLEEP. SLEEP. I mean, who needs parabolas anyway, or velocity graphs. And who needs sound and lighting in a hall with no windows at night? I mean a tech rehearsal is TOO much effort :D Seriously though. TOO much effort. No, but it took an insanely long time and was quiet tedious. 

Have to got to Tom's concert now :D FUN CLASSICAL MUSIC!

That is all


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