In My Head - For a Moment

How I felt in third period:
I feel aweful and gross and sick. It's raining and I don't feel well. Just had meeting with deputy principal and now I feel like crying. My emotions are going like CRAZY and I really want to cry. Or leave the school. Either is good. I have a headache. I have sound and lighting after lunch and I DON'T WANT TO GO. I  am so mentally and emotionally unstable. I don't know why I want to cry anymore. I can't even find my calculator! 

Why are people shouting at me??? Why is my teacher giving me odd looks? 

Tina asked me if I was OK and I was just going - "I'm OK, I'm OK, I'm OK." I actually wasn't. But no one needs to know that. Call me stupid, but I don't like people seeing me weak. I need to be strong for people, for myself. So I'm OK. Just stop looking at me. I'll be fine.


That is all



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