Reffing Year 12's

Today was a good day. I annoyed Bec to oblivion with Joanne. It's hilarious. We're just teasing though. We had a mufti day and as usual, I wore white and blue. I don't have anything else. You'd be surprised by other people's clothing though...lace tops, lace shorts, sheer, wedge booties, short short shorts, miniskirts, boho maxis...the list goes ON and ON and ON....bow ties, dress shirts.....yeah.
So many different styles!
Reffed year 12 vs Staff bball. I didn't do much. I was just on for show. Up and down the court. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. You get the gist. Ms P was so mad at me. She said "OMG call the fouls!" or "seriously a fair game is a good game, call more." BUT OH. Does she know how to play bball? 
So don't talk to me about the rules cause I'm not calling ANYTHING on either side.

Carried a bomb home today. So many things! Sold a wrist band to Mavis for Legacy week. 3 BUCKS! WOOOOOOT!

HR is getting stressful. SO IRONIC.

That is all


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