Games and Legacy

You really need a recaps in life. It's good for the soul.
Games day was surprisingly FUN! I didn;t think it was going to be that way but it was quite enjoyable. I was paired together with Tina and together we kicked ass in 9 side soccer - reffing style. I don't know how but Chrissie and Nicole forgot whistles and so had to borrow Ms P's
During a game I made a 'best bud'. Her names was Morgan and she was the largest birch tree that I ever did see.
"OMG don't you know how to play soccer?"
"So racist....WHAT? I was kidding. Don't you know how to take a joke?"
"Chop Chop, I have a busy scheduled. I've got wood crik to play"
"What year are you in...OH you don't look it."
"Pass the ball this way. EUGH!"
"Seriously {insert word} that was a foul. Are you BLIND"
etc. etc. etc
etc. etc.

Yep. She was nastayayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

But overall we made HEAPS of new friends from other schools. Tina and I got a compliment from a Riverside teacher and it was SCORCHING! I'm tanned and a tad burnt.

The next day....


....was LEGACY DAY!
Twas also fun. I missed my one and only train so I chilled with Vivian on the many expresses that just happened NOT to go to my stop. JOY. So I got the Becaroo late and sold my merch. on the train. First sale goes to the almost gay man with the friendly accent and grey vest. GO HIM!
I ambushed the puplick and got mega bucks, selling heaps of badges/pens/bracelets.

Bec said I FLIRTED with the guys to get them to buy badges. I DID NOT. Me and FLIRT do NOT go in the same sentance....But I did do some sweet talking. Then again, a guy came up to Becaroo and thought she was a prostitute. But we made mega bucks.

For all you noobs who are reading this, this is a guide for ambushing the public

men in suits
men in nice beards
men with ipods
older men with military stickers
indie girls in indie dresses
middle aged couples
middle aged ladies
men with children
women with children

badass couples
ditzy couples
Asians {not to be racist, but since they don't know what legacy is {and seem not to have a connection with australian verterans} they make it plainly obvious that they don't want to talk to you and run away}

Then we got a massive early mark. Grace, Nana and I went to Norths do do some hard core bball partying with Amy. CCT was educational and we travelled to Willo to play the Tutties. Lost.

Yeah. I'll talk about the game later.

That is all


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