I often tell people not to wallow in self pity. Today I am. I have my cup of Dilma Earl Grey and I'm going to wallow as if there is no tomorrow. So. Come join me.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hate it. I'm having a few troubles at school {socially}. NObody loves me. Time to sing that song. LOOOOOOOONNNNNNEEEEELLLLLLYYYYYYYYY.... That's shelfish. But some people jsut don't love me anymore. I'm strugging with my life. EWWWWWWWWW. That's the wrong attitude and I highly dislike that. Mum's gone crazy and all mental. And she's embarrassing my whole family and tearing us apart. It was the day after their anniversary too. I don't want to go home anymore, I just want to disappear and go join the kids in Neverland. They don't have problems there do they? And if they do; they always live 'happily ever after'.

I know it's the wrong attitude, but sometimes events in life just get you down and you just want to wallow in a bit of self pity for a bit. Maybe a comforting hug of something. A nice splurge of money would me nice. That's it. I don't feel apreciated. People just walk all over me like I'm the: prettiest door mat they ever did see. For example cool person A want's to plyave quidditch so cool person A rounds up cool persons A, C, D, F, Z, Y. They play, have fun, win and become FAMOUS. Girls love them. But do they ever remember fan girl 34245? The person who was there by there side all the time? Who came to all their games, not just the championship? Do they care about me? Probably not. Never mind. 
I just want people to have fun with me.
That's all.
To boost my self estime hight than the -347859208567920 that it is right now? Yeah? That would be great thanks.

That is all


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