I ruined a shirt

Today was a strange day. I did many things....
Many things.
Sarcasm aside; The eventful I ruined a shirt {with pink paint}, I learnt how to make a shirt into a bag and I made Blueberry muffins. FUN. OH. But most importantly, I went to Victoire. For all of those peoples who don't know, Victoire is this awesome tiny artisan bakery that my bus goes past every single day. OMG. Talk about hell! I just want to rush in there and buy everything. The glass displays look so good! SO. I finally worked up the courage to lie to my parents and go down to the bakery. Good stuff. After getting kicked off 3 buses by private school kiddies, I bought a strawberry tart and my friend bought a lemon citron tart. HEAVEN. They gave it to us in little plastic containers. LOVE.
They tasted so good. Photos below.

Aren't they pretty?
Nothing much happened in my life apart from going to 4CCC. Which was kind of a waste of time...and then in VA we just did lino and I destroyed my fingers. I'm going to have calluses on my calluses by the time I'm finished. BUT. In DT Arushi and I painted a table! Pollock style! I love Pollock. He is one of my favourite artists. I got paint all over me, thus destroying my shirt {which was pretty painterly anyway} and made myself look like I'd walked through an exploding rainbow. 
Photos below.

OH. And then I made muffins at home. Good times. 

That is all


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