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Well. In HR we never get ANYTHING done. Like anything. Too many egos in the house. Too many {dare I say} ideas and revolutions in one place. Not cool. Not cool at all. I hate the C project. Refer to band camp and band tour for an explanation. It is gross, annoying, all round, fat and ugly and the egos behind it are just HUGE. They are blocking the view. EWWWWWW.
Anyway. I didn't get into charities council. Sucks for me. It isn't a bad thing though. I'm going to grasp other opportunities with two hands and never let go from now on. Just right now I'm feeling gross. Things aren't going my way and I'm having a bad patch. 
Which Sucks D:
I don't have many people to talk to and I feel kind of lost and whenever I do talk to someone I can't find the words.
That's bad.

That is all



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