Happiness in a Jar

So I've had a little think and one of the things that I want to do is to travel the world and go exploring. I want to discover hidden treasures and be a kind person. Life has been rather interesting at the moment, living in different houses, eating at random times, sleeping at insane hours of the day, living off caffeine and I'm the sort of person that needs a goal. A long, long, long term goal. A goal that I can slowly strive for, like a light at the end of a rather sinister tunnel. 

And so I'm going to travel the world. In change. Five cents, ten cents, 50 cents, that dubious euro at the bottom of the cupboard, I'm going to collect them all. And when the time comes I'll go exploring. On that money. Sounds like a plan.

I've been digging this song, a friend during a song challenge sent it to me and I think it's the best thing since sliced bread. It keeps me sane.

I've also been partial to some OliverNelson. Listen to the remix of Tightrope here: olivernelson. It's the epitome of sass. You can also download it for free!



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