The Papaya

Now it is winter, but I love tropical fruit. That includes papaya. It tastes good. Here are 6 interesting facts about the papaya.

doesn't it look so good?

1. The fruit sometimes used to be referred to as a "tree melon." In Australia it is called Papaw or Paw Paw. Really is this true? I didn't know this!

2. Unripe, green papaya fruit and the leaves of the papaya tree contain an enzyme called papain. Papain has been used as a natural meat tenderizer for thousands of years and today is an ingredient in many commercial meat tenderizers.

3. Papain has other health benefits. it is also a natural digestive aid and can be applied topically in an ointment to treat burns, rashes, and cuts.

4. Tea made from papaya leaves is consumed in some countries as protection against malaria. the seeds of the fruit resemble peppercorns and are edible. They can be ground up and used as a substitute for black pepper.

5. When buying papayas, look for ones that are mostly or completely yellow and give slightly to pressure. Green, hard papayas are unripe and will never ripen properly.


Now that you are all knowledged up on this amazing fruit, go make yourself a fruit salad, it will be good for you.


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