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I like personal expression. I like art. I am one for sassy remarks. And the nerdy side of me does enjoy a tad of grammar...OK I do like grammar. A lot. And spelling is important, even though I do hate it so, but tutor the crowd is so cool. They take grammar Nazi(ing) to a whole new level. They're like the hip English teacher that everybody loves to hate cause he/she is so creative and smart yet he/she has grammar OCD and corrects every single thing you say. 

I mean, they even have stickers and their theory is: English tuition doesn't have to be stuffy, boring and expensive.
 At The Tutor Crowd we're taking the classroom to the streets, correcting London's graffiti to spread our message.

That's dedication. To bad their based in London, cause this is where I want work. 

Check out their tumblr: thetutorcrowd
So keep spelling correctly, enjoy grammar and enjoy the graffiti around you...


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