Swimming Carnivals and Disappointments

OMG. 95% of our grade wore pig tails and Mr Tomlin/Melky CUTS a tradition. REALLY? REALLY? REALLY? ARH! Not cool man. So disappointing. Queue the angry face ><

Trivia wasn't half bad. I mean, when R.T isn't chasing you like some crazy maniac stalker, he's just a tad annoying. He thought that I was NEW. Are you serious! Ok, I can understand that but still... My rock isn't THAT large, right? Caught up with Issac and Johno. They've both grown. DAYNM. Yes, I do have a height complex. And I'm not scary. I pigged out on half a vegetarian pizza, so good.

AND THEN on the second day (you know the Friday...) Someone made the whole school rock out in Drummoyne pool and get cold, wet and angry. Ms P. finally realized this and was really intelligent and decided to make it competitors only and shift the 800 kids back to school, where we did absolutely nothing at all. Apart from one hour of cup song with Nana and Mel. Good times. 

At Norths, our kids, improved with a 36 - 12 score, so not that bad. And BL lost to the Graces, 22 - 47. So pretty good. I like it :D Kay, Nana and I made this joke about boys.

"I need my boys. Basketball isn't exciting any more. There's no more atmosphere. UH BOYS."

Us of all people. Who would have thought!
OK time for my pie. I'm hungry. Wet weather gives you cravings. For lunch I have pie and frozen peas. Good times.



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