High Resolves Take #2

New year, new challenge, new high resolves. This year I think we're going somewhere. Our topic: Primary Education. Something I'm pretty interested in. Pretty interested. Pretty. It ties in to loads of things. Which is quite good. I'm actually looking forward to this year of high resolving. I can't wait! I think this time we actually might make a difference.
I'm so excited. So excited
We, We, We so excited! (So happy I'm quoting Rebecca Black...) Speaking of Rebecca Black, I found this youtuber who totally knocks that song out of the park! In a good way. Happy sigh.

Anyway. So lizzie bennet diaries are chugging along. My 'permanent' tattoos made by lawyer aren't coming off and life is pretty chill. OH. When kayaking today, so fun. My guns *cough* *cough* kill. WE DIDN'T CAPSIZE  Anyway, coached ma babies. I'm losing my voice. 
So many good things are happening! I'm on a roll.

I'm actually smiling <3


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