New Resolutions and Old Cupboards Swept Clean

My wrap up for 2012 and my outlook for 2013

2012 has been a challenge, a trifle, a triumph. I've done many things. But I've been to giving. I've been walked on, stepped on, used and abused. 

For 2013 I think I will think about myself more, act selfishly, act recklessly, have more fun and work hard. Smile more, laugh more, walk more, run more.

And for this year I'm going to embark on my journey with God.
I think I deserve it. I want to let go and walk with Christ. I'm lost and I need direction and so far the only thing I'm turning to is God. Which is good. Better than drugs, alcohol etc, etc.

I'm going to go to the gym and do yoga.
Stretch everyday.
Be at peace with myself.

Change the world.
Change me.


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I am a girl, last time I checked. I love food, friends and family and sports that involve orange balls with lines with back boards. I'm arty and have a hate-hate relationship with math.
I live under a rock, don't have a phone and am down right crazy awesome.

I go to bed at 8 and like my sleep. ♥

Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one is watching. - Randall G Leighton