Push Up Bras and Complete Strangers

Shopping yesterday = 2 swimming cossies, 6 crop tops (I'm flat) and a pair of italian shoes, cause I have expensive taste. 

7 hours of shopping = $545 worth of cooking appliances, stainless steel, lifetime guarantee, sore feet and tired bums

#1 Funnay story.
Was in the kids section buying kid croptops (yeah I'm flat) when this girl half my size and probably half my age comes and picks out some push up bra (the bra section is an isle down). And then she looked at me with judgmental eyes before flouncing off past me with her chest up proud and waving the lacy-est, red-est bra that Target could have made.
Queue an inward laugh.
Moral of the story: Don't judge a girl by her bra size.

Today started off tense. I went skating to get away from a screwed up family. 
^^ not amused.

Skating was fun, caught up with Kchan + Yazzy, watched pro people dance on ice and take photos with an annoying orange. Binged on Japanese (if that's even possible). Bought typo headphones. And a Chatime, no sugar, half ice.

#2 Funnay story.
The day I take a train, the trains are delayed and there are no trains to my stop cause of road works. I had to take a dodgey bus. The end.
Moral of the story: Check the net before you get (going)

#3 Better story.
Found that the escalator at Mac was down so this lady and I decided to take the elevator. We talked about ice skating and how when she was little she and her sibling would get dropped of at Central icerink and skate, and in hind sight that was pretty negligent cause she was only 5. My story was about how I don't like glass elevators.
Complete strangers. Sharing a story. Pretty cool huh? The world's not all filled with whores and sluts and rapists, evil politics and grossness.



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