Today has been retarded. Awesome music in the form of dog days are over, stress from Anna and and an article, stress from Women's collective and MEGA STRESS from S&L. They expect me to go from 11 to 11:30 running some TRIVIA NIGHT?
Sorry, to busy for that, girlfriend.

I went all b**** please on H and he changed the hours, to my hours, 6 - 10. I hope I'm still alive by then. So damn scared.

Bball was retarded. Another reason why I highly dislike shadows who think they're the bee's nees and call every darn thing. EUGH.

and S&L?
I am not being pushed around like this no more! I AM TAKING A STAND. HA.

High Resolves ended today. Feels like a baby bird leaving the nest or something....


Stress levels are high.


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