So Fathers' Day...

Ok. Yes you need a recap.
AND...becasue I a so nice and loving, I'm giving you the recap of your lives!

- Math test = end
- Went to Christian thing-a-me-bob
- Won against dragonflies!
- Had an asthma attack cause I'm a cool kid

- reffed.
- was awesome.
- did nothing.
- watched Keeping up with the Kardashians or something. Real lame.
- Bought Dad's Fathers' Day PREZZIE! {no we did not forget}

- 2 hours of bball.
- Brunch at Charlies. {Parisan Baguettes are sick as sick can be}
- Bought cups and JackJack's prezzie.
- Gave Dad prezzie. 
- Helped Bro with assignment.

- 6 pack Guinness {of which 5 are going to the nice construction workers outside}
- 2 packs of chocolate {one mint one ginger}
- KOKO black block.


Dad had a fun time and so did we. Good times.

That is all


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