Is it wrong that one of the best parts of my day was:

  1. dissecting grammar in English
  2. Playing bball
  3. Going on a sugar high
  4. Getting a new whistle


I got a fox 40 and it's like the Ferrari of the crappy junior whistles. It's so preetttttttyyyyyyy and cleeeeeeeeaaaannnnnnnn and puuuuuurrrrrrffffffffeeeeeeeccccccctttttttt. Tastes good too. Like plastic but BETTER. And the sound is clear and sharp and pronounced and fantasticomondo.  

Don't give me sugar. I've already gone on a half way high today. 

That is all


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I am a girl, last time I checked. I love food, friends and family and sports that involve orange balls with lines with back boards. I'm arty and have a hate-hate relationship with math.
I live under a rock, don't have a phone and am down right crazy awesome.

I go to bed at 8 and like my sleep. ♥

Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one is watching. - Randall G Leighton