Re Cap and Rant

I've been doing great things this weekend.
I've done 2 pages of scrap-booking, checked off all the things on my list, tore apart an NSB
{OMG did I just say that???}
did my flash cards, read 5 stories on fiction press, been on Tumblr, finished a few islands of Poptropica for ma bro, slept in, earned twenty-one buckaroos, studied for math, dobbed in a little kid and finished a few recipe books. A truly eventful weekend.

Some news/a story I really want to rant about. I'm a stripey ref. Meaning I'm pretty good. So when a green shadow comes LATE with his MOTHER who does the TALKING for him - then I'm pretty pissed. And so I say "OK", cause I'm nice and all. THEN the guy says "OH, I'm late - do I have to ref the last half? What do you come here for? To bludge? "BUT then at the end of the game his MOTHER comes and says "Oh so and so AKA my son needs to ref ANOTHER game". Well I'm so sorry, but if he wants to get paid then he needs to do some paperwork first. Deal with it, honey.

So I do the paperwork FOR HIM, because he suddenly DISAPPEARS. SURPRISE SURPRISE. I go into the ref room late, find out I have another game AND have another shadow with me. GREAT. So not only am I late, setting a bad example for my shadow, I am tired and hungry and it's a fast game. And guess who's my shadow? A YEAR 7 NSB. Like seriously? An NSB. A boy who thinks he's the best basketballer in town, thinking he can run my world and tell me what to do. I THINK NOT. He sucks. He has a bloody attitude problem. URCH. I try and teach him how to do things properly and LOW AND BEHOLD he says "OH I know this stuff already! Let me do it myself. I took a course so I'm the best and I know it."
So I let him ref half of the second half. HE CALLS NOTHING. As in: If he wasn't there it wouldn't have mattered. He could have just disppeared to the bathroom and no one would have noticed. 


I was tired, hungry, angry, annoyed and partly upset and a tad insulted. To get them BOTH back I lodged a complaint. And people know that I really do teach the shadows that I have so they know I mean business.

A bittersweet way to end my awesome day.
ALSO. my bro scored a quarter of his teams baskets. Even though they lost. I'm so damn proud!

That is all


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