HELLO. Went to see a musical yesterday. It was the best musical {pirates of Penzance}I have ever seen {school wise}. It was funny and up tempo, interesting and witty, with hardly a boring stop. Was kind of hard to understand though, QUITE un-articulated if that is such a word BUT really good.

Tina and Helen were great. Bianca was amazing. Jono and Adam were hilarious. Zara {his sister} couldn't stop laughing. Issac can DRAW. {better than his stick figures} Yazzy was pro. {In more ways than one} Queenie was gross. Lawyer was disgusted. 

THANK YOU to YAZZY and KK for possible destroying my relationship with a childhood friend, and giving Jackie an outlet to tease me. I DON'T LIKE HIM OK????

It was really good. If you haven't seen it, GO BOOK TICKETS. There are still spots available. SHAME ON YOU IF YOU DON'T GO. You have no school pride. {Or maybe you don't want to go into the boys school}.    

That is all


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