Merry Christmas! (and other not so nice things)

Hi. Nearly time for Christmas! I'm so excited. I hope Santa got my wish to have some new camping gear (my tent is leaky). I'm still a kid. I <3 the little red man. Hope all you people out there are full of Christmas Cheer and awesome festive spirit!

Any way. Today, I went to school cause I felt better. But then my day went downhill...I started stressing over our Yr adviser's present/card. Then we got our reports (I must say I'm a straight C student ;) he he he). This is when my rant comes in. Jump break right here.

1. STOP stressing about your report! Stress about more important things like the wastage of paper from the report.
2. No, your parents, WON'T kill you. Surprise right here. They love you. Sure they might be angry at you but they won't murder their kid.
3. Stop judging others on their report. Just because you got two B's and your friend got none does not mean that you have to wail like a snail.
4. Stop judging me!!!! Yes, I'm not blind when I see your facial expression when I tell you that no, I did not get straight A's. I got one B. What did you expect? Can't I be bad at a subject to?

There. Rant over. Please note that this rant wasn't about one person in particular. So, on a lighter note: a VERY happy Christmas ;D

That is all


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