Bucket List

  1. Climb a tree
  2. To be good at math
  3. Do a back-flip
  4. Dye my hair
  5. Eat a whole raw chili 
  6. Jump in a pool FULLY clothed
  7. Act in a play/musical
  8. Go to Spain
  9. Go to Italy
  10. Go to Hawaii 
  11. Fly a kite for more than two seconds
  12. Grow roses
  13. Learn how to juggle
  14. Solve a Rubik's cube
  15. Collect coins (currently collecting)
  16. Learn how to get a hold of my emotions
  17. Revamp my wardrobe
  18. Micro-finance someone
  19. Own a house
  20. Take up yoga/tai chi
  21. Donate blood
  22. Start an organisation
  23. Start blogging
  24. Stake a piece of internet
  25. Travel round Australia in a camper-van
  26. Travel the world
  27. Dance in the rain (Blissful, you should try it :D)
  28. Be good at something
  29. First kiss
  30. Not have to organize things
  31. Race in a go-cart race
  32. Eat nuts
  33. Binge on chocolate (Christmas)
  34. Graduate
  35. Run away and join the circus
  36. Rollerblade
  37. Take a trip on the Orient Express
  38. Participate in a Regatta 
  39. Make a tree house
  40. Ride a unicycle
  41. Punch my brother (not my finest moment)
  42. Visit the North Pole and get Santa's autograph
  43. Catch a fish
  44. Go to Cirque du Soleil
  45. Bowl a strike
  46. Go on TV
  47. Speak French fluently
  48. Watch the Olympics LIVE (LONDON 2012!)
  49. Be a busker
  50. Learn to say hello in at least 10 languages
  51. Learn the 1st 20 elements of the periodic table
  52. Go to a festival
  53. Go to a concert  
  54. Learn ALL the periodic table
  55. Enjoy dancing 
  56. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef 
  57. Swim with a dangerous animal
  58. Swim in the largest swimming pool in the world which is in Chile
  59. Ride in a hot air balloon
  60. See whales
  61. See a platypus
  62. Swim with dolphins
  63. Drive a sports car
  64. Visit the Amazon Rain forest in South America
  65. Sleep in an overnight train
  66. Attempt a Guinness World Record
  67. Visit the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador
  68. Be in an ad
  69. Learn to yodel
  70. Visit Yellowstone National Park
  71. Go to the gym and get FIT!
  72. Walk the Great Wall of China
  73. Attend a Japanese tea ceremony
  74. Go to all the Disney lands
  75. Learn to play chess
  76. Win a game of solitaire WITHOUT HINTS 
  77. Parachute
  78. Become a vegetarian for a week
  79. Learn to jet ski 
  80. Learn to water ski
  81. To use a gun
  82. Ride an elephant
  83. Go on a safari
  84. Take a self defense class
  85. Be in two places at once
  86. Climb a mountain (Cradle Mountain)
  87. Get a hole-in-one (mini putput for the win!)
  88. Have no regrets
  89. Enjoy life
  90. To not stress for one day
  91. Be pretty
  92. Act ladylike
  93. Sing well
  94. Go to ELLEN!
  95. Help someone complete their bucketlist
  96. Complete this BUCKET-LIST 


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I live under a rock, don't have a phone and am down right crazy awesome.

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